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Why Carmel Homes Design Group?

In a phrase, it would be “Uncompromising Personalized Service.”

And one word describes Jamie Vaughn of Carmel Homes Design Group, LLC: “Passion.”

Award-winning designer/builder Jamie Vaughn has been Designing, Building and Remodeling luxury homes in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Arcadia areas since 1986. He has worked with and earned the respect with some of the premier “Valley of the Sun” Builders, Designers, Architects and Engineers.

About Jamie Vaughn

Jamie_VaughnI’ve been in the design, building, and remodeling business since I was a young man back in the ‘70’s. All those years working with clients have taught me a lot about construction, as well as about working harmoniously with your clients.

If I wanted you to know one thing, I’d want you to recognize our commitment to do exactly as we say. That you can count on us, no matter where you live, to get the job done right, and always have your best interest in mind. And that we build equity in all our projects. Okay, so that’s a few things, but they all matter.

With the high caliber of work that we perform, we tend to attract high-achiever clients as well, that only want to do business with similar professionals that perform at a high level and don’t need micro-managing. That’s how we work at Carmel Homes Design Group.

We’ve got a few aces up our sleeve as well:

1) Pricing: I can usually beat my competition by as much as 20% – that’s usually an eye opener. We’re frugal and efficient in our overhead so our fees are lower.

2) I’m hands on – I personally direct everyone, from the design to the finishing landscapers.

3) I’m a designer/builder. That’s a big deal. Many home builders just go by someone else’s plan. We are constantly checking things throughout the construction. That’s where the designer in me kicks in, and where I can really impress my clients. We resolve issues immediately. We simply make things better.

4) It’s just more personal… We believe in unsurpassed personal attention. You’ll like our attention to detail, and attention to you – your ideas, your lifestyle needs, and personal preferences. We listen to what you have to say, and keep that as the compass for guiding your project along at every level.

In addition, our subcontractors are so well trained that each and every one one of them are our supervisors on the projects.

Hopefully, that gives you more information about who we are and what we want to accomplish. We love sharing our knowledge and vision with you on your own personal home project, and look forward to the opportunity to meet you for a consultation.

We’re excited to meet new clients to share ideas, vision, and goals to match your lifestyle.
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When you work with Carmel Homes Design Group for your home building and/or remodeling needs, you’ll notice a few things about us that are, well… quite a bit different than other Arizona building contractors.

We Build Impossible Homes. If an experienced, creative, and inspired builder is what you seek, look no further. Even with close to 30 years of remodeling and home building experience, we still love a challenge. Whether it’s a “build to suit” home on a complex mountainside, completely renovating a kitchen or bathroom for a fresh new look, or adding a new home addition or garage to enhance lifestyle changes, we simply say, “bring it on!” We take on the jobs that others won’t.

Passionate about our work. We have never “gone to work” because we love what we do. There are no bad days on our projects since every day is a chance to learn, to build, and to serve our clients.

All-In-One Organization. From the initial consultation, to handing you the keys, our experienced team handles it all. From the architect’s blueprints, city permit procurement, engineering planning, building construction, all the way to Interior Design – we’re a finely tuned machine that’s all under one roof. You’ll have our owner, Jamie Vaughn, personally supervising your job, and one close-knit family/team by your side throughout the whole process, so you won’t have multiple “cooks in the kitchen.”

Unsurpassed Personal Attention. Your project is as important to us as it is to you. There’s a deep level of caring when you choose Carmel Homes Design Group. We take the time to learn your needs, your vision, and your lifestyle, and consider your wishes at every step. Simply put, we take the time to do it right.

Budget Friendly. While it’s true that most of our clientele are on the more affluent side, we’re still conscious of budgets. Unlike other builders with fancy offices and large staff, our experience and efficiency have allowed us to streamline our operation, which typically results in lower bids on your project.

Honesty and Integrity are our middle names. Mama always said that “honesty is the best policy,” and heaven knows she was right. You’ll appreciate our “straight shooters” on your project – it puts everyone at ease, and makes the project easier and more enjoyable.

No Stress. Just Fun. Our clients often become friends – because we treat you like family. You’ll get to know our team members on a first-name basis, appreciate how we involve you in the process, and relax as the project you envisioned comes to life. There’s a strong chance we’ll share a laugh or two together too – that’s just our style.

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Awards / Distinctions

  • Custom Builder Magazine: “Builder of The Year“ award for Desert Resort
  • Phoenix Home and Garden magazine feature in “Grand Tour Of Homes”
  • Front page Business Journal magazine: “Outdoor Living“
  • Fox 10 TV prominent feature in Parade of Homes
  • Exceptional Properties magazine feature: “Kiss of Class”
  • Luxury Home Magazine: Front Cover, October 2016  


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