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One of the options for your home remodeling project is to hire an established and licensed architect. However this can often be an intimidating prospect for many homeowners. The process of finding, choosing and trusting an architect is anything but easy, but Carmel Homes Design Group makes this process simple and enjoyable with our professional, informed architectural referral services coupled with our efficient design and building process.

What if you already have an architect on retainer? No problem. We’ll gladly work with those designs for your remodeling project. If not, we’ve got you covered with creative designers and architects as part of our team. Either way, we’ll make sure to transform your ideas into reality.

Architects aren’t just great designers, they can help you ensure the vision of your home is carried out from conception to completion. While some homeowners choose to hire an architect to create a formidable plan before moving on to the construction phase, architects can stay with you throughout the construction process to provide additional adjustments, suggestions and be accountable to the integrity of the project.

Thankfully, our primary Designer and Principal, Jamie Vaughn, has built a 5-star reputation on working with clients to learn their needs, then create the “vision” of the project through creative design that makes your home one-of-a-kind. Clients choose us for our strong communication skills and strong track record for providing attractive plans for any home style.

The architectural process includes a few key steps:

    • Schematic designs that include trips to the building site to survey the area and create a generalized sketch based on spacing and the desires of the homeowner.
    • Design development where the rough sketch becomes a more specific model of the elements that will make the residence unique, often including a 3-D model on the computer.
    • Actual construction documents will be drafted once the final design is approved and blueprints and specs will be produced so permits can be obtained and construction can begin.

The process of designing with an architect is a fulfilling experience that requires trust, attention to detail and open communication about the expectations and desires of both parties. If you are looking a home that meets the specific nuances and needs of your lifestyle, hiring an architect is an excellent solution that we would love to provide to you. We know the type of architect services Scottsdale residents prefer to update their homes for a better look and more efficient function.

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