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The right building contractor for your custom home or renovation


There are many builders in Arizona but finding the right building contractor is an important aspect of a successful home construction or renovation project. This is even more important when you want to build or renovate a luxury custom home.


Carmel Homes is a reputable and recommended custom home builder in Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Scottsdale.  Whether you want to build a custom luxury home from scratch, remodel your bathroom, renovate your kitchen or simply add another room, you can rely on quality workmanship and exceptional craftsmanship from the team at Carmel.


Your custom home project is more than a building project; it is your dream and something that is close to your heart, You want it to be successful and your want the end result to meet your expectations, if not exceed them. One way to ensure the ultimate success of your project is to work with a professional and recommended building contractor.  There are many builders but how many of them have the kind of track record that stands out? How many of them have all the required accreditations?  You want a builder who is fully licenced and who will provide the surety bonds that will protect your financial interest.


Building or renovating your home will involve a substantial amount of money. You don’t want things to go wrong, but they often do, especially when you engage a builder that does not have the experience or proper qualifications. Home construction and renovations demand skills across a range of expertise, from design to engineering, from architecture to electrical, from roofing to plumbing.


Carmel Homes is your single source solution for all your home building and renovation requirements in Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Scottsdale.   Your home building project is as exciting as it is daunting.  You don’t want your excitement to turn to frustration, disappointment and anger. That won’t happen when you work with one of the experienced and recommended builders.

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