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Custom builders should adopt a design-build approach

If you need custom builders for your dream home in Phoenix or Scottsdale, then you need look no further than Carmel Homes. They are accredited master builders and can make your new luxury home a reality. There may be several custom builders in Phoenix and Scottsdale but not all are equal. You want to deal with a master builder that has the right team and the right philosophy.


They have the kind of philosophy you will expect from custom builders specialising in luxury homes. Their design-build philosophy means you deal with them and they take care of your project from start to finish. This means you deal with one contractor. You have one agreement and you don’t have to deal with multiple sub-contractors.


You want to deal with a custom builder who takes care of every aspect of your home building project, be it a new home or a home renovation. Custom building requires the combination of various specialities including architecture, engineering, construction, electrics, plumbing, interior design and landscaping. Now you can hire your own architect, your own engineer, your own builder, your own electrician and so on. But soon you will run into problems. Problems related to workflow, coordination, budget and general project management.


When you deal with a design-build contractor then that contractor is responsible for your entire project, including speciality work and services.  There may be many custom builders but it makes sense to work with one that takes full ownership of all the important details of your project. This includes coordinating tradesmen, hiring sub-contractors, dealing with HOAs as well as taking care of building permits and zoning issues.


A design-build approach saves you time, money and hassles. The important thing is to deal with a licensed, bonded and accredited custom home builder.




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