New Home Construction Trends

Whether you are building a home or buying, there are so many options for customization. Every year the trends of renovating and constructing new homes change. Some of the latest new home construction trends are provided down below in this article.


New Home Construction Trends


Saving Energy: This year you can focus on saving money by modifying the use of utilities while constructing a new home. It will not only make your living comfortable but also good for the environment. You can use renewable sources of energy, as well as natural light to reduce your dependency on grid power. You can also install low flow toilets and low-E windows to conserve ware as well as energy. The use of solar panels to get solar power can also be the new trend in the coming year.


Copper Gutters: You can install copper gutters in your new home, which add an elevated touch to any newly constructed home. This is a pricey addition, however they are very durable which may make the purchase worth it.


White Cabinets: Though cabinets made of dark hardwood give a rich look to your kitchen, in the coming year white cabinets will be definitely be the choice cabinet. One of the main reasons New Home Construction Trendsbehind this new trend is that the white color allows a variety of bold colors to pop up instead of blend.


Concept of Openness: This concept is widely used, especially for spaces that are smaller. An open floor plan can give the illusion of a larger space and allows the design of the space to be put together. This trend of openness will definitely continue to be a trend.


Make Outdoor Spaces Comfortable: This trend includes the comforts of indoor living spaces, moved to the outdoors. Your home patio and deck will be transformed into a comfortable and entertaining area, perfect for any party. In the coming year the trend of making decks and patios comfortable will continue.


Smart Homes: The trend of automation of homes is increasing these days. You can install appliances to make your home smart, as you can manage its security and temperature just by clicking few buttons. There are even appliances that can be controlled through your smartphone.  


Textured Interiors: The trend of upgrading the interior design of a home has been a trend for a while now. These textured interior designs include brick or wood walls, velvet furniture, and more. These textures can enhance the look of any space.  


Walk-in Shower: Although not a new concept, walk-in showers give your bathroom a larger feel. There is a trend of installing a shower without a door, this will definitely help open up your space.


Wainscoting: This is a classic style that has been recently trending. Wainscoting can give a traditional look to a modern space without overwhelming it; this style is definitely here to stay.


With this list above of new home construction trends, you are sure to create a cool space that will wow anyone who comes into your home. As trends are always changing, Carmel Design Group always stays up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends in home development.

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