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A great room isn’t complete without great flooring, and that means choosing a material that fits the use of your space and the proper color to complement your stunning decor. We install flooring for new construction as well as change out old flooring to bring your residence up-to-date on a remodel. Ask our flooring remodeler experts at Carmel Homes Design Group about contemporary trends in flooring and receive a personalized recommendation for your home.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to flooring so understanding the pros and cons of different flooring materials will go a long way in making the best decision for your home’s newest floors. Finding a happy medium between longevity and style isn’t difficult with our vast range of upscale materials that allow you to have the luxury floor you always envisioned.

To begin the process, we’ll ask you a few questions about your room and the kind of flooring you would like installed. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Our friendly staff members are experts in this field and can carefully explain and answer any questions you may have about our process and the details of each flooring option itself. We know the type of flooring Scottsdale residents prefer to keep their homes updated with a great look with appropriate materials.

Here are a few facts about some popular flooring options to help you become acquainted with the scope of your choices:
  • Hardwood — A favorite flooring style is hardwood flooring, and for good reason. This material provides beauty and durability that is hard to come by. Hardwoods are available in many finishes, such as Cherry, Oak and Maple and can feature light, medium and dark tones as well as strong grain patterns or more subdued lines. Installation and care is crucial to prevent shrinkage and gaps in your flooring.
  • Ceramic Tile — Tile flooring is a great option in kitchens that can take the kitchen appearance from “average” to the next level of awesome. It’s also a great choice in bathrooms, greenrooms or any space where standing water is a part of your normal use. You can choose tiles that are matte, glossy, textured, plain, colored or patterned. Tile is durable and attractive with multi-uses (think countertops and backsplashes). You will need to keep the grout clean so the flooring stays pristine and take care with glossy tiling so it doesn’t get scratched, and we have plenty of tips for that.
  • Laminate — Laminate is a great option for homeowners because it takes little to maintain and allows you to have a beautiful floor without breaking the bank. Laminate is cost-effective, allowing you to renovate a larger area of flooring or save the rest of your budget for that new sofa you’ve had your eye on. Perfect for areas with high traffic, such as hallways and foyers, you can choose from hundreds of colors and patterns that simulate the natural look of wood flooring.
  • Marble — the trademark of a home overflowing with luxury, marble floors are a sign of good taste and durability. Marble tiling is very simple to clean and maintain, and can be engraved with any pattern or name you like. This multi-use tile comes in a broad range of colors and styles to ensure that you can match any decor in your home.
  • Cork — If you have a playroom or heavy-use area where long periods of standing take place, you may want to try this new, popular style of flooring. With a range of colors and styles, this flooring is a great option for workrooms, eclectic rooms or anyone with an expensive taste.
  • Bamboo — Bamboo is made for the homeowner with an affinity for green living. This durable and classy look is similar in style to wood flooring and is available in an equal amount of colors, shades and options. Bamboo flooring is not for areas that are wet, and it may feature vertical or horizontal grain depending on your choice. This uniform looking flooring is great and works very much like laminate flooring installation.

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